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Victor Online
Legal Consulting

Victor Online Legal is an entrepreneurial legal advisory and support company founded by Advocate Carlo Viljoen.

We were founded when Carlo realised the significant need in society to provide legal protection for the average individual and organisation in addition to the huge need for social impact litigation required in South Africa.

legal advice 604x270

Victor Legal aims to grant South Africans equal, fair, and affordable access to justice and legal assistance. It gives people the opportunity to have access to a lawyer and enjoy even the most basic rights they have according to the law.

Our Members have legal protection and accessibility to the law at any given moment.

Victor is part of an International Association called Global Attorneys.

Legal Consulting

Victor Onlin Legal Consultancy
was founded to provide
a wide range of legal services:


Legal Services Retainer

A monthly subscription for legal services. Avoid those big unexpected costs when you need a lawyer. We offer a way to be always have legal protection at a small fixed monthly fee.